Tuesday, January 26, 2016

St. Louis and Chicago with the Family

Brook at St. Louis Arch

Mike, Adam, Brook, Braden

Chicago, IL

Sky Ledge in Chicago at Sears Tower Conner, Braden, Brook, Adam and Jen

Brook Sky Ledge Chicago

Chicago Institute of Art

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The SMITHS Tour: Manchester, UK 2016

We met up with Chris Gill, the drummer from Inspiral Carpets, in Manchester, UK to give us a Tour about The Smiths/Moz. 

So Strangeways is a  Prison!  It is a grand victorian prison Morrissey mentions in Strangeways, Here We Come. 

Chris Gill from Inspiral Carpets talking to us about Strangeways Prison 

Chris told us about the Strangeway prison riots that took place there in 1990 which made the prison infamous. 

Here is us! Mike and Jen

Here is Mike in front of the  Salford Lads Club made iconic from the Queen Is Dead Album cover.

Chris took a lot of pics of us here
Inside the Salford Lads Club we found stuff that fans had sent there hoping the Smiths would get it like above

Also inside the Salford Lads Club there was a Shrine to the Smiths

384 Kings Rd Morrissey's childhood home. Johnny Marr came here in 1982 looking to form a band with Morrissey. Morrissey had a reputation for being a sort of poet/writer/singer. They spent a lot of time writing songs in his room.

Morrissey's old neighborhood

The Iron Bridge- This bridge is near Morrissey's old home. He crossed it every day he went to school which he despised. The bridge is mentioned in the single 'Still Ill'- "Under the iron bridge we kissed, even though we ended up with sore lips".

The Southern Cemetery is where Morrissey used to meet his friend Linder Sterling "A dreaded sunny day so I meet you at the cemetery gates..." from Cemetery Gates on The Queen Is Dead album.

Inside the Salford Lad's Club