Monday, September 15, 2008


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clynAZ said...

Jen- These photos are fantastic! I'm sure the family was really happy with them.
A couple of pointers for placing marketable photos on the web:
1-put your company watermark about mid-way on the photo, but don't cover the face. You want to make it unusable while still being able to see it.
2-before posting copy the original photo and re-size it to "blog-web" setting and copy it on low-quality. This will reduce the size and quality of the photo if someone tries to copy it, while still retaining enough of the quality to see your workmanship.
You can see what I did with these two techniques on my website
There's also a process of creating a watermark that makes it so if someone tries to copy it it copies blank. I'll email you if I figure out how to do that.
Best of luck to you - I'm so glad the military approved your business. You're such a talented photographer.
Another side note - Paypal is great if you want to sell your photos directly from your photo blog. Email me if you have any questions.