Monday, March 03, 2014

Walden Family Walk Maverick Park in Fayetteville, NC

Every week we take a family walk. Yesterday we went to Maverick Park in Fayetteville and we discovered some really interesting trees, so I took some pictures of them.

Michael Walden


                                                  Michael Walden


                                 Conner and Brook


    Look how small Michael looks compared to Conner. He looks like he is the same size as Brook. It is like an optical illusion.


4 Peanuts and a Cashew said...

Wow! Absolutely amazing pictures! I didn't realize it was so pretty there. You should consider framing one of those. I don't get on to check blogs very often since I don't write much anymore, which is why I just barely saw your post. Brook is so pretty. I live through you having a dark haired child. ;)

Life's New Adventures at home said...

Awesome photos. What a talent to capture the beauty of the moment in nature and in people.