Monday, May 12, 2014

O Canada April 2014

And we visited... Canada.

Over spring break we visited Niagara Falls and all of the tourist stuff like the Guinness World Record Museum, one of those tourist haunted houses, a fun house, a Canada dinner show and a butterfly conservatory. Then we took a little side trip into Buffalo, NY to visit a Frank Lloyd Wright home (which was awesome) and some Navy battle ships (which was not) and then on to a trip up to Toronto to visit China Town (which was cool and authentic) and Casa Loma - a home built like a castle with towers, secret passages, an underground tunnel and period furniture.

Mike and Brook Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls

Conner, Brook, Mike Clifton Hill

Fun House Clifton Hill

Niagara Falls

American Falls

Mike Butterfly Conservatory

Brook Butterfly Conservatory

Brook Niagara Falls after Journey Under The Falls

Buffalo NY, Frank Lloyd Wright Home

Frank Lloyd Wright Martin House Complex

Frank Lloyd Wright Martin House Complex

Frank Lloyd Wright Stain Glass Windows

Naval and Military Park in Buffalo, NY

Naval and Military Park in Buffalo, NY

O Canada show at Niagara Falls

O Canada show at Niagara Falls

You know you are in Canada when you see....

View from tower in Casa Loma, Toronto, Canada

Casa Loma, Toronto, Canada

Brook bought a little mirror in China Town, Toronto, Canada

Cost for mirror- $1

China Town - Kensington Market

Of course we all ate Korean Food instead of Chinese
Mike driving us home from Canada

And if that wasn't enough excitement - here is Brook giving you a tour of the hotel we had at Niagara Falls- 

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Life's New Adventures at home said...

What a fun trip. I remember going with the younger kids and Stephen to Casa Loma because that was part of his mission. It was fascinating. So many fun family memories.